There were over 1 billion websites live as of March 2016 as outlined in a report by NetCraft. Except for a very small number all the websites are unique in design, appearance, content, color, theme, template, etc. Websites appear in the form of a personal blog, business and corporate websites, e-commerce systems, online stores, content management systems, social networking, news websites, academics, email websites, message board websites, job websites, finance websites, etc. Majority of the websites can be accessed through desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers/phones, smartphones, mobile phones, etc.

Today, websites have become the window to the world. It tells people, visitors what you are or who you are, what you are doing, what you want to do, and perhaps why you want to do, etc. As a result, the “look and feel” of websites is changing in a way that it attracts and binds visitors to the websites. This “look and feel” of the website is called website designing. To stand unique and have awesome feeling your website design must be done in a trendy manner.

Top 5 website designing factors

Here we list top 5 website designing factors. Before you go for design and development of your next website, keep these elements in focus and ask your website designer on his awareness of these elements.

  1. Responsive and mobile friendly websites

With the advent and rise of smartphones, mobile devices and changing behavior patterns of the user, people prefer to visit websites while on the go on their mobile devices or smartphones. So, it is essential that the website is mobile friendly and adapts to the display of the mobile display. The design and content of mobile devices are shown without any clutter.

  1. Websites designed with targeted audience in mind

You should know who is your targeted audience. Where they are, what age group they are in, etc. This helps to design the websites in color, forms, user interface keeping the targeted audience in mind. The design should resonate the ethos of the targeted group.

  1. Colour combination

Each color denotes some emotions. And when combined with the right colors, this emotion intensifies. So, choose your website colors judiciously and use color combinations in a way that it multiplies your emotions and reaches large audiences from your targeted group.

  1. Typography or the fonts

The writing or fonts or the typography when further combined with the right color and contrasts adds value to the websites. There are thousands of the fonts available in the ecosystem. Most of them are free while some of them are paid one. Research, identify and select your fonts in a manner that it suits the needs of the targeted audiences along with ensuring that it is mobile friendly.

  1. Lightweight design

Do not overdesign your website and fill it with sections. Keep it simple, lightweight. The load time of website does make an impact on bounce rate of the website.

Apart from the above top 5 website designing factors, there are numerous other factors one should keep in mind while designing websites. To know more about us, please contact us or visit our LinkedIn profile.