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As one of the most successful PHP development company in USA and India, Webicules Technology has extensive experience and expertise in website/web application development using core PHP and PHP frameworks.

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PHP Development company in USA and India Webicules Technology

PHP Development Company in USA and India

PHP (which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor or simply say PHP) is the most popular programming/scripting language for website/web development. It is widely used for the development of dynamic web pages.

PHP is used in popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. Popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Tumblr, Flickr, WordPress, MailChimp, Flipkart, Digg, iStockPhoto, etc. have been built on PHP. About 80% of all the websites have been developed using PHP.

Webicules Technology has extensive experience in web development and is emerging as one of the best PHP development company in USA and India. Our team is technically qualified and well trained. They are equipped with the right skills which are required of an experienced and mature team to deliver high quality web development services. To know more, contact us or visit our LinkedIn profile.

Top Features of PHP Development

  1. OPEN SOURCE: PHP is free to use which means no need to pay any license fees as is required in some of the propriety software.
  2. MOST POPULAR: PHP is the most popular and widely used programming/scripting language. This means that there is rich talent pool of PHP developers, web infrastructure like hosting etc. are available.
  3. LOW LEARNING CURVE: It has low learning curve and technical people can understand it better and quick.
  4. MAXIMUM CONTROL: The ease of the language is that it gives maximum control to users, which helps in development of applications that are flexible and scalable.
  5. DATABASE SUPPORT: It supports many databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MongoDB, IBM DB2, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.
  6. SECURE & FAST: With the availability of PHP version 7.x, highly secure and fast systems can be developed.
  7. RICH LIBRARIES: It has rich libraries for common functions like emails, secure servers, etc.
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