We have already crossed half of 2020, and the internet is exploding with innovation and amazing new trends. One of the key areas that have benefited from design trends is websites. Gone are the days of grids and boring, overused stock photos. We now have amazing illustrations and layouts, that original website designers would hold in awe.

Let’s check out some of the trends that have made it to our ‘website design trends’ to watch out for in 2020.

#1. Use of Organic Shapes

Website designers are turning away from systematic grids to smooth lines and more natural shapes. While some may argue that there is stability in geometric structures like triangles, rectangles, and squares, new designers are now leaning more towards ease and comfort for the user.

A website with asymmetrical organic shapes will stand out more and will give a better user experience.

#2. Parallax effect

The parallax effect can be vertical or horizontal, and simply enriches the website’s simplicity in a cool way. The parallax effect is well displayed on this website. So, when you scroll with the circle of the mouse down, and the picture looks like moving up or down (depending on scrolling).

#3. Minimalistic Designs

Minimalism has left the fashion and interior decor corridors into website design. The 2019 website designers are embracing the use of minimal elements on a page, whether text, color or animations.

With one glance, a website visitor should be able to get all the information, without having to deal with too much clutter. While carousels and a splash of color may initially look attractive, they can be a bit disrupting and may shift the attention of the user from the message you are trying to pass.

The use of white-space and easy to use typography is becoming the rage.

#4. Embracing Diversity

When you take into consideration what the two W’s in the www URL means, then you know that the internet has a worldwide focus. The internet has brought together people of a different color, age, sex, ability among others. People have become more demanding in the kind of content that is available to them on the internet.

Industry giants like Apple have emojis of different skin tones to make everybody feel comfortable within the digital space. Website designers will have to follow the same trend and be more conscious and diverse in the kind of imagery they use on websites.

#5. Line 2D icons

3D icons are no longer in vogue. Simplicity, as we have said, is a priority of modern web design, and 3D icons are characteristic of the complication and fluctuation of the previous period when they were popular. Today, many famous designers and companies use exclusively linear web design icons.

#6. Embed Google Maps

Built-in Google Maps on one web site are a very useful tool. Search engines (Google) will rank you higher if you use it.

Final Thoughts on Website Design Trends in 2020

We are just slightly past the beginning of 2019, and there are already so many exciting things to look out for when it comes to website design trends 2019. We can only forecast that there will be so many other exciting things to look forward to as the year progresses.

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