Celebrating 10 Years

Celebrating 10 Years

author Webicules on 1 September 2021 | 1317 Views

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” — Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple

Trust in people leads to a good team, good clients, and good organization, and over time Technology keeps on evolving  With these in mind, it is my pleasure and honor to share that Webicules Technology completed 10 years in service. The organization “Webicules” was formed on 01 September 2011 and on this day in 2021, though it has been a decade, it seems that it was just a few months or years ago.

On completion of 10 years, I sincerely thank all our colleagues, staff members, clients, friends, family, and investors for helping us to evolve and remain in business and do more. For us, it is our first step toward our long-term goal. In these 10 years, a lot has changed, evolved. Several colleagues joined, some left, some stayed. So, whatever we are today it is because of you. Your efforts, your contribution every bit of your is recognized, and sincerely thank for it.

By God’s grace, our clients have been at the center of our delivery. Their trust in our delivery model, and competence, and their willingness to do repeat business with us help us to do more. I on behalf of my team, sincerely thank each one of them.

In these 10 years we have delivered over 800 projects across geographies with a successful ratio of over 98% and in time and budget being over 95%. We survived the Covid-19 pandemic and are making efforts to rise again but with new goals and zeal.

I am sure that there will be someone who will be celebrating 2031 for Webicules. For these next 10 years, we have charted our plans in terms of technology, team, and financials.

Meanwhile, I welcome suggestions that would help me to make the organization better. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

With regards,
Brijesh Singh
Co-founder and CEO, Webicules Technology

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Brijesh Singh
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