SukuFeeder and ServoFeeder

SukuFeeder and ServoFeeder

author Webicules on 3 March 2016 | 1192 Views and websites are owned by Noida-based Suku Coil Handling Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the leading manufacturers of feeders, straighteners, de-coilers, sheet end welding machine parts, etc.

Webicules Technology is an active IT partner of Sukufeeder since 2015. The organization trusts and employs IT services of Webicules from time to time. We have been engaged in the upkeep of their websites, digital transformation of their system, and digital marketing. To know more please do contact us.

Problem Statement / Scope of Work (SoW):

  • Design & Development of corporate website
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Upkeep of their various IT systems
  • Digital Marketing

Tools & Technology Used:

  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • BootStrap
  • Font Awesome
  • Google Fonts
  • PHP (Main coding language)
  • MySQLi (backend database)
  • Custom CMS (Content Management System)
  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)


  • Responsive, mobile friendly website design
  • Basic SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Website Link: To visit the website of the organization click here.

Client Testimonial:

Webicules is trusted IT partner

Webicules is a trusted IT partner. W ehave utilized their services in the past and continue to do so now. We are very happy with their support. We wish them all the best.

Vishal Seth Sukufeeder website Webicules
Vishal Seth
Director, Suku Coil Handling Pvt. Ltd.
Noida (UP), India

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