Hope you have read the previous article on E-commerce Marketing Trends. Since now that we have a fair idea about e-commerce (if not, it is suggested that you read the previous article once), we can go ahead and talk about e-commerce marketing. It has been established that e-commerce is fairly easy and quite exciting for consumers all over the world. Additionally, it generates traffic that a person may need for their online setup of a business for its effective revenue generation procedure and eventually for the purpose of being successful.

E-commerce, as explained earlier, entails buying and selling of goods/services/commodities on an online portal, while making an online payment for the same to complete the transaction of funds from the buyer to the seller. Why is e-commerce generally preferred over a traditional method of buying something? This is due to e-commerce gaining plentiful of brownie points just over its pros in the last few years. While retail marketing is still dealing with its physical limitations, e-commerce marketing seems to have surpassed all these problems effortlessly.

Benefits of e-commerce

All that a customer really needs to do is open an e-commerce site on their mobile phone, search or browse through the site to find what they like, compare it (if need be, that is) with other sites for the price of the item that they are buying, and eventually buy it. What makes e-commerce stand out is the factor that it spoils its customers, if put simply. Who wouldn’t like to have options and that too at discounted prices? In my experience, there wouldn’t be many, who do not like a sale. It feels wonderful to be able to buy that piece of clothing that you have been eyeing at a discounted price. This is exactly what eCommerce is minting on- provide discounts and grab customers, among other things.

Working of the e-commerce marketing

E-commerce marketing works through many channels and it is always on the move. Ecommerce experts all over the world press over the usage of social networking sites as much as possible. This particular kind of marketing stresses two important things- making things a tad easier and better for the user’s experience. Secondly, it targets at profiting the sellers as well by enabling them to advertise for their services/products on various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary that both of these aspects of e-commerce marketing are well taken care of for an overall continuous success rate.

A happy and satisfied customer is what it takes to make any business a success, and honestly, e-commerce marketing is really no different. The fashion in which we please a customer in e-commerce marketing might be not out-and-out traditional, but at the end of the day, the idea remains the same.

E-commerce and Social Media

In this day and age of a million burgeoning and established business setups, it is of paramount importance that one understands the full significance of effective social media marketing for their e-commerce setups. Of course, anything and everything can be advertised on hoardings, newspapers, magazines, and on other conventional mediums just as well. But what sells on the internet, sells fast. And, what truly sets e-commerce marketing apart from any other conventional form of marketing is the fact that it aims at earning customer trust rather than just blindly pushing a customer to shop; it shows concern for the customer’s preferences, likes, and habits. As of now, with everything gradually shifting towards the digital world, e-commerce marketing seems like the answer to all the needs of a business person.

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The e-commerce marketing trends that are shaping has forced us to rewind our present for 10 years. Let’s go back to ten years in the past. Consider that you have your birthday coming up and you have saved up enough this time to give yourself a small gift. Why not, right? Surely you are earning well. You have the full right to spend your money on yourself. So it seems that you decided to buy yourself a new mobile phone. You went to the market. Bought one good mobile. And here’s the end of the story. Now, let’s come back to the present and analyze the same situation: birthday’s coming up, you decide to get a new mobile phone, but does this end here? Probably, but most probably not. This is where e-commerce comes into play.

Emerging e-commerce marketing trends and their impact

By definition, e-commerce would ideally mean the commercial activity of buying or selling a product/commodity/service on an online platform and thereby making an online payment to complete the transaction of funds to clear the procedure. In even simpler words, the possibility of being able to buy a product online and make the payment for the same using an online transaction procedure is called e-commerce. It’s simple, nice, and uncomplicated, much like how our lives should be, ideally.

To begin with, how is it impacting us? Has it impacted us at all? This could be answered in one word if you can answer the next question in just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’- have you ever ordered anything online (directly or indirectly) and got it delivered at your doorstep for possibly minimal to no charge? If liberty is taken to answer this for you, the chances of your answer being a yes are pretty high. Quite staggeringly high. Therefore, the answer to the first question is also amply clear. Yes, e-commerce has affected our lives.

Now, to the next question- is it helping us all as consumers? Most definitely yes. Imagine not having to go to a supermarket or a mall to buy groceries anymore, since you can just order them off a website like Grofers at absolutely no extra delivery charges, if and when you’re able to meet their minimum requirement for free home delivery. Sounds easy? It is.

Factors that make e-commerce appealing

E-commerce is a beautiful trend that has emerged in the last decade in the world of the internet. It has revolutionized the manner in which one buys and sells in so many ways that it’s almost perfect. Market giants, such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Jabong, Myntra, etc., have already established their place in the e-commerce world. The prospect of being able to do one’s daily tiring chores (think buying groceries, vegetables, your kid’s physical training shoes, etc.) without having to actually go out of your house to get the shopping done sounds like a brilliant idea, to say the absolute least.

Additionally, this isn’t the only factor that makes e-commerce so appealing. While it makes lives easier for many, it provides an opportunity for employment as well. Many people are increasingly becoming more active and are participating in e-commerce marketing to be able to make a living out of it. Starting from homemakers to students to full-time professionals, anybody and everybody is able to make good use of this trend, and why shouldn’t they? This trend seems the kind that would stay, and stay around for really long.

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