5 Common Mistakes that Vloggers Make

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So, you have decided to make your company take a step ahead and get into vlogging for effective social media marketing for your brand. Vlogging is a brilliant way of interacting with your customers and potential customers, wherein you not only inform them about your products/services in a plain, boring fashion, but in the most entertaining way- you are using a video! There has never been a doubt that visually-rich content has always had an edge over every other form of content/text. Any content that is visually appealing has a way of attracting more people since it is visually aesthetic and pleasing. However, there are always mistakes that even the best of vloggers can make, which could be avoided with the advice provided in this article. Read on to find out more:

Posting Exact Post Everywhere

We know that we have asked you innumerable times to keep sharing your content wherever you can, because why not? More sharing would imply more people actually going through your content and eventually increasing your customer/audience base. But, there’s a small difference here when it comes to vlogging. Sharing the same post on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram could lead to your customers getting bored of your brand and, more dangerously, your content. They could even sometimes skip your posts altogether since they would be under the impression that you’re only re-blogging/re-posting, which could consequently lead to your new content also getting ignored. So, to save yourself from this trouble, always make sure that your content is suitably designed and curated for whichever social media platform that you are sharing your video on.

Not Making Interesting Videos

Okay, this one’s a toughie. Nobody wants to believe that their content could be below-average. Or even bad, sometimes. But, let’s face it, too. There is always a possibility that your videos are not that interesting, which is why there is low to no traffic on your website through your videos. So, ensure that your content is interesting, while also ensuring that you are not deviating from the main theme of the video. One could include light, good-natured, and harmless jokes in their videos just to ensure the same. Behind-the-camera shots could be shared on Instagram, while a few video bloopers could be posted on Facebook.

Not Interacting With the Customers

This should be considered as one of the cardinal sins. Not interacting with the customers or potential customers will always result in the loss of business sooner or later, since lack of interaction shows lack of interest. So, even in your videos, ask for viewers’ opinion on the ideas that you are talking about in the video. Similarly, always make sure that you are replying to their comments on your videos. Obviously, one could always choose to ignore the nasty comments (if there are any), but it always advisable to reply to all the comments on your videos. Retweet some of your customers’ posts as well to show your interest in them. You could also like a few comments on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. Your customers provide business to you, and they are the be-all-and-end-all of your business model and this should never be forgotten.

Sharing Too Much or Not At All

This has always been the kind of problem, which nobody really knows a solution of. Sharing too much could look like you are spamming your audience, while not sharing enough might show your lack of interest in your customers.  So, where to draw the line between sharing too much or not enough? This should ideally be left upon you as a vlogger. You would know the perfect balance between these two extremes. Find that balance and stick to it. Additionally, do not always share posts that specifically pertain to you and your brand only. Support others and share their content, and you would have the same benefit give back to you by these people. Remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The Vanishing Act

Not being consistent on social media platforms, where you earn your customers and potential customer, could have the biggest impact on your image as a vlogger and a marketer. People take such qualities seriously and they would remember how you are only when you need some work done. So, to avoid this, be as consistent as possible on social media platforms.

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