The Benefits of Business Blogging

By author Webicules on 19 September 2016 | 2181 Views

Now that we know what business blogging is, it’s good enough a time to discuss its benefits. And why not, really? Everything that is implemented for a business has to yield some results; otherwise, there is no point in implementing it in the first place. Such is the case with business blogging as well, and these are some of its benefits:

  1. Blogging gets traffic to your website

Think about it- how many people actually type in the name of your company in the search bar to get to your site? Very few. So, the chances of finding customer through this way are low. Then there’s another way out- buying email lists. Although, this should be made clear right here before you start thinking of this as an option for your business module- this isn’t only unethical, but also illegal. Then we have the option of paid ads, which are awfully expensive, to be honest. They are also directly proportional to the amount of traffic one experiences on their website. More expensive ads mean more traffic. Stop the ads, and your traffic would also stop. Now, how many people get directed to your site because they saw something related to your organization and it got them curious? Quite a few. This is exactly how blogging works. It creates traffic for your site, which could later on be converted to leads, and eventually into customers. Every reader that comes to a company’s blog is a potential customer and the content of your blog goes on to decide whether this person would actually be converted into a customer or not.

  1. Convert this traffic into leads

Now that you have your traffic in place, you need information. The great thing about using blogs for traffic generation is that most of the traffic directed towards your website would be people who are genuinely interested in your products/services/company. So you have people who are already interested, but now you need their information. It’s fairly simple to understand. Think of it as the barter system of the ancient days. In order to take something, you need to give something. This would mean that if you want contact details from your traffic or if you want them to register on your website, you need to offer something to them. Add a call-to-action to every post, which could ensure that you have people registering on your website. Basically, offering anything that would make your customers exchange their information with you is a win-win situation. For example, a lot of sites offer huge discounts for registration on their sites, which the customers can avail at the time they make their first purchase at the said websites.

  1. You earn customer trust and loyalty

Once you have established a continuously-updated blog for your website, you would see a couple of changes. You would see a few people who are regularly visiting your site, while there are a few who are constantly sharing your posts on their Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest. You would also see a few regular customers. This has all happened due to the fact that your blog is kept constantlys updated. If you also happen to solve customer queries by writing a specific post for a problem, your customers would feel cared for, and this always goes a very long way. Additionally, consistent creation of useful and meaningful content will help you establish your company as a trustworthy entity in front of your customers, which not only benefits you as a company but increases your ambit of influence, too.

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