What is Business Blogging? – Part 1

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It is a very natural question to ask yourself before you plan to start a blog and write for it regularly- is it going to provide any value? This question becomes even more relevant if you happen to be business blogging- is it going to provide any value at all to my business?

What is a blog?

Before we get down to tackling any of the said issues, it is quite necessary to sort out a few things. You may ask a very obvious question- what is a blog? Well, a blog is a place that you create on a website and post short-form content on it pertaining to various topics, which could be out of a hobby or a profession. This content is called blog posts. Now the next obvious question should doubt the existence of blogs- what is the need for a blog and why do they even exist? The answer to this is simple enough: you need online visibility. What is online visibility, you’d ask? You need people to see what you are thinking and what you are creating with these ideas of yours, which would translate into these ideas being written down in a creative fashion to have as many readers for it as possible.

What is a business blog?

Now, we tackle the main question- what is business blogging? It’s simple, yet complex to implement, if not done properly. Business blogging is, as the name itself suggests, a particular manner of blogging, which is solely meant for your business. All the blog posts on this blog should ideally be pertaining to the central business model of your organization. The topics are more or less pertaining to what you do and what products/services you are offering to people. Naturally, the blog on your website would cater to people, who are interested either in your products/services or in the topics that you write about. In either case, you are generating traffic on your blog. The point is to create online visibility for yourself, which means your blog’s ability to be seen on the internet, as and when someone looks for a topic similar to yours. You blog with specific keywords, which help your blog pop up on the first few pages of a search result- and this is exactly the aim. As a business blogger, your first aim should be to get your page up to the first page of a search result. The day you start seeing this, you know you are doing it right. You’re blogging it right.

How is a business blog different from a normal blog?

Another understandable doubt would be to wonder about the difference between a normal blog and a business blog. A normal blog could be written on various topics ranging from food to fashion to technology to feminism to the aviation industry to plastic bottles. You get the drift. It could be practically about anything at all under the sun. One could be earning for their personal blog or not. It depends upon a lot of factors. But a business blog’s sole aim is to generate traffic, which gets converted into leads, and finally into customers. A business blog’s aim is to generate moolah at the end of the day.

Why does one business blog?

The first and foremost aim of creating content is to have it seen and approved by people. One should make sure that the content is being seen, because that’s actually is its primary reason for existing. Yes, there are other ways of directing traffic towards your website, but the chances of that happening on its own are pretty low. So, the next best thing to do is to create opportunities for people to engage with you, which would convert these people into leads and customers sooner or later. A brilliant way of getting this done is through search engines. But to make sure that you are at the top of the range with respect to search engines, you need to ensure your content on your website (and particularly on your blog) should not only be up to date, but should fetch as many shares and likes on your posts as possible for the simple reason of, ‘more people means more customers.’

Really long story somewhat short, business blogging is an effective way of ensuring that you have one extra way of getting more customers for your business.

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