How to Convert Your Facebook Fans into Your Customers

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Once you have set up a Facebook page for your organization/company and have garnered a fat number of fans on your page, it is time to efficiently convert these fans into your leads (and customers, eventually). There is no sure-shot way to ensure this, but there are a few options that have been proven successful with respect to this topic. Read on to find out more:

  1. Add relevant content to your Facebook page description

This is one of the first few things that one should be careful about, when it comes to creating and managing a Facebook page for an organization/company. Adding relevant description on your Facebook page can not only take its popularity up by several notches, but it can also be instrumental in making people curious about you and your company. Curious people will check your website. The aim of the description is at least fulfilled and you will be surprised at how big a difference this can make in the incoming traffic on your site.

  1. Add visual content

This is a no-brainer. You look at what appeals you more. So, on the same line, one is bound to look at a picture post first rather than looking at a text-post. To cash in on this wonderful concept, try to add a lot of visual content on your Facebook page. And now that you are there, ensure that you are uploading pictures of good quality and not any mediocre quality- you do not want your fans to zoom in on the pictures or squint their eyes really hard to understand what is written on a picture post. This could annoy them, and you could lose your potential customers right there.

  1. Write less, show more

Now that we have established that visual content is preferred over written content, it is also advisable to know where to draw the line with your text posts. Keeping it short and catchy helps a lot more than long text posts do.

  1. Share what others are sharing

Always abide by the golden rule with respect to sharing content- do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do what you would want others to do to you. Similarly, if you want your content to be shared by others, well, you know what to do here.

  1. Share blog posts

One more way to engage your users on your website is by sharing your company’s interactive blog posts. If there’s something other than your products/services to see on your website, chances are you will have traffic coming in to see that content. Of course, it is imperative that your blog posts are interesting and aren’t entirely about your products/services or your organization.

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