Interesting iOS Apps to Experiment With!

By author Webicules on 9 September 2016 | 2042 Views
  1. Prisma

This app, in an extremely short duration of time, shot to fame, and for all the right reasons! Prisma, which is so far only available for iPhones, happens to be one of the most interesting photo editing apps nowadays. Going a little beyond the ordinary, this app lets one edit their pictures by adding one of the available 33 filters, and turn these photographs into classic works of art. The effects of the paintings like The Great Wave or The Scream are some of the painting effects that one can use to turn a mundane photograph into a great piece of art.

  1. Hello Weather

Weather apps tend to either go overboard sometimes with their unnecessary information about weather complete with the heavy graphics or not take off at all by providing less-than-required information when you really want to know what your next week for holiday is going to look like. Hello Weather realises the gap and the balance between the two extremes and provides a very balanced mixture of the two worlds. It has a very neat sheet of just the adequate amount of weather information that one may need with simple-yet-feature-rich graphics, which aren’t heavy enough to freeze the app ever.

  1. Cheatsheet

You know how you go to a friend’s place quite often and need to use a certain code to get through their building’s security measurements, but you can never really remember it on hand. Or picture yourself not remembering your new house’s street number. Or not being able to recall your hotel room number. You get the drift, yes? What if you’re a tiny bit forgetful about small things like these in life? Cheatsheet is the answer to this, so that you can take care of the big things. Cheatsheet is a smart app, which records small bits of information like all this by letting the user select an icon, feed the information on a note, and save it. When there are enough number of sheets prepared by the user, they can be easily managed by the user by simply re-arranging/ordering them as they please. When you’re done, it will be added to your Today Widget. Pretty cool, huh?

  1. Citymapper

If you identify yourself as someone who is a little geographically challenged (no offense, we all are, at some point in life) and often find yourself in a new city due to work or whatever, then Citymapper is the app that you need. Any city that is in demand, will find itself on Citymapper, and you can smoothly find your way from Point X to Point Y without much difficulty. Being lost is going to be a thing of the past.

  1. Snapseed

This app, like any other editing app, lets you do the basics of cropping, re-adjusting, re-positioning, auto-fixing to a photograph, but where it really steps its game up is when one is faced with the versatility of its filters. There are plenty of options like blurring a specific part of a photograph or the entire photograph. The photographs can also be given even more creative effects, such as a gothic touch to a photograph with the grunge effect of the app.

  1. Duolingo

Again, find yourself in a new city, which does not speak your language? Or stuck with business guests from Germany and you speak only English or vice versa? Then this is the app you need for your rescue. Duolingo presents its users with a variety of fun-packed quizzes in different languages, which seldom become monotonous. Aimed at perfecting one with the basics of a foreign language, this app gets it right on point.

  1. Kitchen Stories

If you are fond of cooking and have little-to-no patience to carry your recipe books around at all the times, welcome to Kitchen Stories. Unlike other cookery apps, which just give its user a compact version of what is written in an actual, physical cookbook, Kitchen Stories seems like the kind of app which someone has made with a lot of thought and care. It provides its users all the recipes with a step-by-step photograph of every stage of the cooking while providing more than enough information on ingredients and the steps involved. Cooking on the go may not be such a big task with this app around!

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