What is Mobile Recruiting and Why Should It Concern You?

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The mobile era has taken the entire world by a storm. From being able to shop for almost anything to staying in touch with one’s family and friends, the mobile age combined with the power of internet, has largely become a ubiquitous and dominant part of our lives. When we can buy whatever we want off the internet, it is only fair to be able to earn the money for this shopping from the internet again. Owing to the digital age that we are all living in, it is not surprising to see more and more companies/organizations going online to recruit their prospective employees.

Although it is not always feasible for many people to apply for a job online when they are caught up with their daily tasks, such as working a 9-5 job, travelling, etc. Most of these people would ideally either wait to get home in the evening to apply for a certain job that they found online or wait until the weekend to do the same. Now the problem that arises with this is the fact that in this busy lifestyle of ours, it is rather easy for the candidate to forget about this job opening in its entirety. The opportunity to hire a new employee is thence lost. This is where mobile recruiting comes into the play.

So, what is mobile recruiting?

Wikipedia describes it as, a recruitment strategy that uses mobile technology to attract, engage, and convert candidates. Sounds really good to me. But how does one go about hiring candidates using the mobile technology? In order to answer this, it is important to understand the technology in question. In the simplest of words, it means any form of technology that is mobile in nature, i.e., something that could be carried around on-the-go (think of mobile phones and tablets). It doesn’t need any reiterating that mobile phones have largely replaced the place of a desktop/laptop from our lives. Therefore, this seems like a logical fair step to integrate the procedure of recruiting with the brilliance of the internet and mobile technology. This is how we come upon the term of mobile recruiting. The people involved in the department of talent acquisition would understand the relevance and significance of mobile recruiting, especially because that’s where all the people mostly are- on their mobile phones.

How to go about mobile recruiting?

According to Kelton Research, as many as 86% of candidates look for a job by starting the search for the same on their cell phones. This goes on to show that a huge number of people are going to apply for a job online, which would also mean that their impression of your company would be based on what they on your website on a mobile phone’s screen. For the same, ensure that your company’s website is mobile phone responsive. Put yourself in this position- would you be impressed enough with a company to apply at it, if you have difficulties reading their website content on your mobile phone? User experience with respect to a company’s website is very important since one wrong step could make you lose out on potential employees.

How to deliver a user-friendly experience?

When a candidate is looking for jobs on their mobile phones, they expect fast and relevant results without much of a hassle. Clearly, copying another site or its layout isn’t even an option. It wouldn’t ever work. It is suggested that one invests enough time and resources to deliver a rich, user-friendly experience to the candidates. Another point that should be ensured while on the topic of a rich user-friendly experience is making the application procedure as simple as possible. This would go on to imply that the application to a job should not consume more than one click. So, your website need not only be mobile phone-responsive, but should also enable the candidates to apply with just one click. The entire procedure should be this concise, owing to the fact that if there are multiple clicks involved, the candidate may just give up on the application procedure and abandon it altogether.

Go back to it over and over

Like every other strategy, which is crucial to a business model, a mobile recruiting strategy is just as vital to the business organization. Once a good mobile recruiting strategy is in place, the team in charge of it should make sure that it is constantly updated and that the experience of a candidate is as user-friendly as possible. If it takes more active efforts on a regular basis to better the various aspects of a mobile recruiting strategy, then the company should hire a capable team for the talent acquisition department to ensure the effective functioning of this strategy.

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