How to Have a Personal Social Media Management Strategy for Your Startup

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Let us establish one thing- to build a start-up organization from scratch requires an ungodly amount of courage and patience. What is especially even more tricky is to have a social media strategy for a startup. A social media strategy could be looked at as something that is really essential for a startup or as something that might be interesting to work with at times but not always. But there is one thing, which has to stay consistent irrespective of what the case may be- one needs to be cautious of their online presence and social image. One wrong move and it could tarnish your brand’s image before it has even picked up any pace.

Why is a social media strategy needed? The answer to this question would be simple: more than anywhere else, your audience (which comprises your potential customers) is on the internet. So, it only makes sense to target the spot where you will get the maximum number of hits, right? Going on the same line, we now face the question of how to make an efficient social media strategy for a startup. It is fairly easy to plan a social media strategy, although it almost passes without mentioning that a social media strategy can only be successful when it is constantly looked after, even after one starts yielding profitable results from it. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while designing a social media strategy:

Have a Plan of Action

It is so easy to think of big things and never really get around to doing any of those big things. To avoid any of such failures, it is essential for every entrepreneur to have a solid plan in place for their social media strategy. A good social media strategy is thoroughly researched for and has all kinds of details related to the budget allocated for a social media strategy, resources used, selected social networking sites, targeted audience, etc.

Choose Your Target Audience

This is one of the most vital steps of building a social media strategy- deciding who your audience is. Marketing your products and services to a sect of people, who do not even need these products/services in the first place, would be a huge waste of time, money, and effort. Again, marketing your brand in front of an audience, which doesn’t have the requirement of the same, is worse than not having a social media strategy at all. Always be sure of who is watching you and who would want to buy from you. Knowing your customers and their likes and dislikes is the key here.

Treat Every Social Platform Differently

If we look at the three giants of a social media strategy, they would be Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others. Although they are all social media platforms and each one of them could be used to market one’s products/services, all these social networking platforms cater to a varied set of users and are different from one another. Facebook is more fun-oriented and is mostly used to connect with one’s friends and family. LinkedIn is through and through a professional networking site, and is used by professionals all over the world to stay in touch with other professionals. Twitter could almost be treated as something that is in the middle of both LinkedIn and Twitter. It is not out and out professional and it is definitely not only for friends and family. Knowing the platforms well will further help a person in understanding the kind of platform that would work best for a specific need.

Budget It Right

From buying the paid services of online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, to buying social media followers, there are a number of ways to reach out to your potential customers. Facebook and Twitter boast of paid advertisements and can help one reach out to a huge number of people for their brand’s online recognition and acknowledgement among masses. Although the best route to take while building a social media strategy is to create a dedicated team of social media management. This has been proven as the best investment for an effective social media strategy.

Talk to Your Customers

One of the most brilliant aspects of social media marketing is that it lets one speak to their customers and take their feedback/reviews/preferences. A customer is the best investor for a business setup and we must learn to work around this concept to achieve the maximum output from it. If it takes a little bit of an effort to build a relationship with your customer, then go ahead and put in a that extra bit of effort. It is worth every minute of talking to your customers, considering they are the ones who are indirectly building your company.

Go Back to Your Strategy Over and Over

The one thing that every social media marketer should do is to go back to their social media strategy and make changes to it according to the current need. This also happens to be one of the very few things that marketers tend to go wrong with. Not going back to your strategy to see what has been working and what isn’t working will affect the entire strategy in the long run. After all, needs change with time and this impacts the way customers look at your brand.

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