Why Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses?

By author Webicules on 9 June 2016 | 1599 Views

Imagine one day without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and its likes. It is not impossible, but definitely a little difficult, in popular opinion. The growth of social media platforms in the last few years is absolutely undeniable. Similarly, the growth of social media marketing is just as undeniable.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, in the simplest of words, would mean advertising your products/commodities/services on social media platforms. The goal, you ask? Creating brand awareness through the consumers, while also generating sales for the company, would be one of the top goals of social media marketing.

Why social media marketing?

In today’s digital world, where a watch, a calculator, a camera, a telephone, a radio, a music player, and a thousand other gadgets have been replaced by a single gadget called the mobile phone, it is not surprising to know that we all now live in an extremely inter-connected, digital world. Almost every second person has an Instagram account, while the number of Facebook and Twitter users is even higher. Needless to say, a lot of people are on these social networking sites for various purposes, out of which entertainment would probably top the list. We need to aim at this- find customers when they are free and relaxed and are only looking for options that would limit their physical activity, even when it comes to a commercial activity like shopping.

Why for ecommerce business, specifically?

It is important for ecommerce businesses to realize the full potential of social media marketing. It is essentially driven by online traffic and this is the same traffic, which converts into valuable customers, if it’s handled efficiently. For the same, convincing and persuasive social media marketing is required for ecommerce businesses. If more people are able to see your company’s impressive online presence on different platforms, chances are they are going to go through your website at least once.

These people, who see your presence on different platforms, understand everything about you and your company by the way your social profile appears to the masses. Your customers are going to rely on this profile to understand the products/services that you’re willing to offer. Additionally, these sites will enable one to understand their customers in a better way, and it doesn’t stop at that. Social media marketing enables you, as an ecommerce entrepreneur, to know your customers personally and customize options on your website accordingly to generate further sales prospects.

Knowing your customers is the biggest advantage of social media marketing. If you know who your customer is, what s/he likes, what s/he is looking for, and whether s/he can be provided with options on your website, half the battle’s already won. As people who are into ecommerce business, our first aim should be to ensure we have customers for the overall growth, and what better way to ensure this than by understanding the source from where you generate your customer following. While Facebook is great for posting the latest updates about your company and your products; Twitter, LinkedIn, and a few other social networking sites have been proven better for interaction, wherein one can use these mediums to share information with their customers and record their feedback as well.

From Instagram to LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook to even Snapchat, there are numerous ways to ensure your business is gaining recognition and value through social media marketing. Additionally, with the advent of this trend, there is no dearth of content anymore. With an effective social media marketing strategy, this is the right time to use all of these factors to one’s benefit, when it comes to ecommerce business.

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