Top 5 Health Apps for a Better, Healthier You

By author Webicules on 18 September 2016 | 1491 Views

Whenever someone talks of health, fitness, and workouts, our tendency is to either avoid the topic or may be sometimes take an offense over it (okay, maybe it’s just me). But the point is, in this hectic lifestyle, it is no doubt that working out regularly and ensuring that you are eating clean and healthy is a little bit of a challenge. Can’t deny that, won’t deny that. So, when we all have the facility of carrying a smartphone, why not use it for yet one more advantage and aim for a fitter lifestyle. Read on to find out more.

  1. HealthifyMe

We are yet to discover another app, which is so simple to use yet so brilliantly smart. This wonder of an app lets a user record their basic, like weight, BMI, height, etc. to get started. Then the app prompts the user to set a target weight, if the user is specifically looking for weight-loss/gain. After one is done with the set-up of a target weight, the app provides a detailed version of how many calories should a person consume, how many calories should a person burn, how many litres of water should be taken in order to hit the target weight in the selected amount of time. It doesn’t really end at this- it helps people record their daily meals as well, starting with providing them the caloric content of everything, ranging from full-fledged Indian meals to something as small as a hard ball candy.

  1. Zombies, Run!

It is always an added-incentive to one’s runs, if they’re getting something as an award for completing their run in the desired amount of time. Especially, when it becomes a game, it’s harder to resist. With the help of this app, the faster you run, the closer you are to completing your goal of collecting supplies for your base camp, and helping other humans survive the zombie apocalypse. There’s a reason why this app is so famous- unlike other gaming apps, it doesn’t let you become a couch potato when you’re playing it.

  1. Fitnet

When there’s so much work that your workouts go for a toss, you know it’s time to download this app. This app comes loaded with a vast variety of 5 to 7 minute long super-energised powered workouts, featuring circuits and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. What’s more? This app in one of its kind comes with the option of a selfie camera which lets the user monitor how closely they are able to imitate the workout moves shown on the screen of the app.

  1. Daily Yoga

Yoga is effective and quite therapeutic at the same time. While you may struggle to find the time for a regular yoga class, you may not anymore struggle with the actual good session of yoga. This app comes with a ton of long yoga videos, which are all shot in high definition quality to help you do your yoga at the comfort of your home or wherever you are comfortable.

  1. Stronglifts 5X5

With the advent of circuit training and HIIT, it has become almost impossible to keep a track of all the number of reps that one does in a session. With Stronglifts 5X5, that might not be a problem anymore. This app keeps a clear track of the number of reps, number of rounds, and the number of sets and supersets that one has to do in a particular workout. What a great time to be alive for all the forgetful ones!

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